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László Németh


  • László Németh was born in Nyíregyháza in 1988. His visual interest was quickly raised by the ever spreading graf- fiti art of the urban space, and later he learned figural painting from an old master. His mentor at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts was Zsigmond Károlyi, and this is when he found his own style: abstract expressionism. Not only did the university give him a theoretical framework and practical training, but it also offered an artist community called Skurc Group, which, after their graduation, still organizes exhibitions and helps its members in launching their careers. His artistic roots are hence defined by graffiti, figurative and abstract expressionist tendencies, neo-expressionism and Heftige Malerei. Beyond formal solutions, it also presupposes an attitudinal similarity to artists like Julian Sch- nabel, Cy Twombly, Linus Bill - Adrien Horni, Christopher Wool, Jonatan Meese, Anselm Kiefer, Mark Grotjahn or Albert Oehlen. Andrea Berg (POSTMODERN RITUALS, 2018)

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