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Dániel Szabó


  • Another Worlds - Series 1. With my artworks, I invite viewers on a journey into the worlds of imagination and fantasy. Who knows what details they will find within them? These works aim to showcase various worlds that are fundamentally invisible and unexperienced to the naked eye. They were created in the spirit of questions such as: is there life before birth, is there life after death? What do the realities that extend beyond our physical 3 dimensions look like? Are there intelligent life forms in these higher dimensional worlds? How would we, as information receptors and processors, or simply as experiencers, perceive all of this? Of course, I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but I've always loved to ask them and to speculate. Beyond these questions, this line of thought has given birth to many other similar questions, and these philosophical inquiries are imprinted upon my artworks. /This series was created in 2023./

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