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László Körtvélyesi


  • Blow-Up vs Enlargement My 75 years have been spent in the pursuit of discovery, collecting experiences, learning, and embracing ownership. Every moment of it floats simultaneously in one place in my consciousness. My encounter with photography provided me with a tool through which I could turn previously invisible images inside out, making them visible to others, and simultaneously protesting against the passage of time. They could become essential messages. I always believed that I could feel myself right in the center of the world. Some of my images became reality due to the thought that the moments before and after the exposition are equally important. This led me to the method of overlapping realization. Thus, my life interwoven with photographs could become more authentic and so could my body of work. For my contributions, I became a member of the Art Fund in 1987 and, starting from 2020, a member of the Hungarian Association of Photographic Artists. My 55-year presence i

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