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Balázs Veres


  • The basic motive is that: could the classical scuplture interwist with the world of digital 3D technology? I think the digital ways couldn’t model our world. Therefore in the nature of human encoded with the error. Our brain is double organ which doesn’t work at balance at no one. Consequently, it has a many effects such as the asymmetry or optical illusion. We can’t these errors take over one-on-one to the digital world so math. X,Y,Z. This is the basis for the new 3D printing and 3D scanning too. If you create something along the lines of X,Y,Z in digital and finally you can make countless reproductions about it in virtual or in the shape. This fact extremely do a good turn in the industry. At the „Appulse of XYZ” you can read the three coordinates along the real locations. The X sign shows the depth, Y shows the width and Z shows the height. From the three things pack the 3 dimension and in my case the statues. This shape could show the 3D.

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