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Marcell Menyhárt


I am a graduate sculptor student at the University of Pécs, where I learned the most from my two sculptor professors, Colin Foster and Gergő Mészáros. The themes of my current works are mainly based around digital spaces, but at the same time self-reflection is intrinsically linked to my artistic programme. In the future, I try to deconstruct the childhood influences that may have played a role in my career choice. For example in my creative work I use the idea based on the frames of the injection moulded plastic model cars, from which you can pop out the individual elements. But the theme of my work is not primarily about my own individual experience. I try to mix self-reflexive symbols with motifs from our everyday lives, and I transform these mainly by drawing in 3D digital spaces. I would compare this practice to a mixer who blends separate well-known signs in such a way that the end result is humourous, or highlighted with different new meanings.