Circle Image

Anita Jenei


In the last three months I have been interested in the abstract geometric language of visuality, within it the ’hard edge’. I look for those standards in artists’ works farther away in time and space which appear in my artworks as well: geometric shapes, more contrasting, ’harder’ outline, unanimous and powerful colorite. I try to cut out all subject/ narrative features from the world of my paintings, so they represent a kind of conscious order and balance against ’the complexity of the reality’. Line systems are dominated by the fundamental geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle. Leaving the path of content communication and psychic self expression, my paintings do not refer to anything which would not mean itself, so the ’message’ of the painting clearly refers to its structure and in rare cases to its materiality. Using acrilic painting, taking colours from the tube without mixing, applying the paint in stripes with wide brushes and the bright colours report on the technique, the most important goals of which are limpidity and lucidity. There is no difference between line and contour, because both of them are the bearers of the main point of the shape. My intention is that the observational gaze should not feel standing on a stable ground. I would like to represent an unstable, moving, illusionistic world with my artworks.