Circle Image

Péter Somody


Péter Somody was born in Veszprém, currently lives and works in Pécs.
In the early 2000s, Péter Somody created his painterly surfaces from several layers of resin spread in thin layers. These layers, coloured with pigments, formed sometimes trans - lucent, sometimes completely covering bodies of colour; mostly amorphous, freely forming „scoop” shapes. From 2015 onwards the surfaces of colour and paint began to appear in striped fields, accompanied by pictorial elements of different densities and frequencies. The surface of the image has become a technicised reading and the imaging technology has chan - ged. At the same time, however, the fundamental way of thinking about the image has not changed, which is always either to give the image a personal or an objective character and qualities without foregoing the tactile experience of the eye. The latest paintings again make intensive use of cast, lacquer and resin surfaces, again relying more on a silent, slowly spreading mass of paint. The reflection of this layered pain - terliness, sometimes overwriting it, is the techno-painted „neighbourhood” painted over with sprays or stripes.