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József Bullás


József Bullás began his artistic career in the 1980s in the vein of new painting. His paintings then still strive for depiction, but his informal spaces already contain geometric elements. By analysing the visual recollections he had experienced on his travels to the East, he discovered his own formal elements, his imaginative and multidimensional environments, which are genuinely his own. Pushing the boundaries of structures and repetitive systems, his paintings are drenched in a dazzling spectral richness that is beyond perception. They do not use recurring themes. In his traditional paintings, we can observe multidimensional virtual spaces that often revert back on themselves. Bullás insists on painting with oil and acrylic on canvas since it is fundamentally associated with painting in his mind, despite the fact that early in his career he also produced computer graphics related to the topic. He believes that this romantic outlook connects his paintings to the tangible fact of creation, which is important to him when he contemplates painting. “The image is merely a slice, a cut-out of the universe,” he says, “which we could, if we wanted, extend eternally in any direction.” József Bullás addresses the traditional issues of painting in his continually evolving work by examining the connections between composition and space, materiality, vision/visibility, and illusion from a variety of perspectives. His work also raises concerns about the nature of vision and understanding in the 21st century.
(Deák Erika Gallery)