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Dániel Szabó


My name is Daniel Szabo, also known by my artistic name Glitchshaman. I was born in Győr in 1997. Currently, I am a final year sculpture student at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs. For the past few years, I have been creating both still and moving digital images primarily. My works are mainly characterized by abstract, psychedelic, and glitch genres. I have been interested in computer-generated imagery practically since my primary school years, as well as exploring various corners of the world of imagination and philosophical topics that have been the subjects of my images since then. What is reality, what is its nature? What is infinity, can it be imagined? What does the unseen look like, etc.? In 2018, I founded the Glitch4ChaosMagick creative group with Peter Kindlinger and Kende Szabo, also known as Zabar, which has since become an international group and regularly holds biennials. Essentially, the formation of the group and starting to create within it was the turning point in my falling in love with digital image creation. Since then, I have been constantly creating my new media works with digital tools.