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Ilaria Panci


Ilaria was born in Rome. In 2005 she enrolled in the School of Photography in Rome (Scuola Romana di Fotografia) where she completed a three-year master course with major in Reportage. In 2009 Ilaria moved to London to widen her portfolio. In 2011 she travelled around South America, where she carried out a photographic project on the slum in Quito (Ecuador). She has been living on and off in London for 5 years, also working on a reporting project on squatted houses around the city. During the last 10 years she has been in more than 40 countries. Since 2020, she is permanent resident at “El Dragón de la Calderona” Art Centre, founding the photographic department.

Artist Statement

I photograph emotions and essences of people and places. Since I was a child I felt the need to immortalize my life through a journey into different cultures and countries far from my hometown. I have been formed as a black and white photographer and during the years I transformed this world into a colourful experimental ground. When I am without any photographic medium I feel naked and I cannot stop taking imaginary photos in my mind. My old camera traveled with me to more than 40 countries and it was the tool by which I was able to calm my mind. I have no rules or precise techniques – only lights and shadows accompany me in every shot.