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Rhea Marmentini


Rhea Marmentini (1979) is a bold and exciting Spanish sculptor of Chilean-Hungarian origin. A visionary artist who works with stone to create unique sculptures which generate order from chaos and reveal the material’s hidden beauty. Through her sculptures she shares the joy of repositioning ourselves as an essential part of the natural world.

She uses her vision to shape stone into powerful forms and uses the process to travel between different realities and connect with the minerals which she sculpts. Viewing stone as solidified and condensed time, she thinks of herself as a traveller, traveling through time in her “opus series” of archetypical forms and conceiving winged creatures who travel between different realities as part of her “beast series”.

Rhea Marmentini grew up in Spain, studied art in Hungary and moved to Paris to learn, sculpt and travel as the disciple and spiritual heir of post-war sculptor Pierre Szekely. As an urban nomad of the late French “Art-Cloche” movement, she exhibited and won awards in France, Spain and Hungary.

In 2004 she began a land art and environmental project near Valencia Spain to heal and beautify a mountainous area damaged by human action through artistic expression. She transformed an old quarry and created “El Dragón de la Calderona”, a land art sculpture and centre for the arts designed to foster creativity and support artists.

Currently based in Malaga, Spain, her focus is on large-scale sculpture. In 2019, she contributed with a conceptual proposal and four monumental pieces to the transformation of an old basalt quarry into a sculpture park.